About Us

ESCO Group is an Automation, Electrical, and Instrumentation (A.E.I.) professional services company with three business units: ESCO Electric, ESCO Automation, and ESCO Power. Within these business units, we provide a large variety of services in Electrical Construction, Plant Services, Automation and Control Systems, Enterprise Solutions, Electrical Engineering and Design, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, IR Testing, and Electrical Safety Training and Consultation. We are a full-service firm with a high degree of expertise in an array of markets, including food and beverage, seed/agriculture, oilseed, municipals, and OEM.

Our Company

Founded in 1964 by Wayne and Shirley Engle, ESCO was a small, residential electrical contractor that was run out of the Engle home. Today, ESCO Group is in our third generation of ownership, working our way into our fourth as an employee-owned business. We have grown our business to focus on a variety of services including electrical construction, plant services, automation, electrical engineering and design, Enterprise Solutions, and electrical safety training and consultation.

Our Team

Our Leadership Team meets weekly to discuss company issues and collaborate on strategy. The team is a critical driver of ESCO’s ability to meet the demands of the business environment, execute our business strategy, build a culture of engaged employees, and achieve long-term success.

Community Involvement

Keeping our community strong is a vital part of our business and beneficial to us on many levels. Reaching out to the community means reaching out to other human beings, giving our employees a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It puts things into an informed perspective, and teaches gratitude for all we have.