ESCO Group strives to provide a total solution for our current and future partners. This includes not just focusing on “our lane,” but also assisting in everything we can to help our clients succeed.

Seeds & Seed Research

ESCO works with clients to advance production at facilities throughout the world. Increasing throughput, efficiencies, data integrity, and technology are all part of any given project. ESCO’s seed experts have a wealth of history and knowledge within the seed industry that allows us to provide a true consultative approach to our partners.

Food & Beverage

Food processing is the transformation of agricultural products into edible food— it is one industry this world can’t do without. ESCO’s experience in the Food & Beverage industry dates back to the 1960s. Much of our history surrounds this market and provides us with expert knowledge and the power to think outside the box. This experience helped us learn and dive into other markets throughout the years. It can be considered as a significant part of our foundation.


Oilseed products greatly enhance the quality and nutritional value of everyday human foods and animal feeds, and are a cost-effective solution to a rapidly increasing world population. Oilseeds are also used in a wide variety of non-food applications, including renewable fuels.


ESCO has performed a number of projects such as chemical batch process, variable frequency drive controls for large extruders, safety circuit design and validation, plant SCADA and Historian virtualization, and modernization of obsolete PLCs. Within the Industrial/OEM market, ESCO has many years of solid experience to offer.


ESCO provides expert design, programming, and commissioning services to water/wastewater facilities. Example processes include: Emergency generator control and switching, pump and flow control, oxygen manufacturing, lime softening, lift station control, and cell modem communications. PLC retrofits of legacy controllers are another specialty of ESCO Group.


ESCO provides a vast amount of services in the commercial market. Electrical construction and maintenance, lighting projects, electrical safety training, arc flash hazard analysis, IR test, and Enterprise Solutions are examples of our expertise in this market. We have provided service in this market for over 55 years.