1. General Requirements
    1. When using air-operated hand tools the utmost caution must be taken in their application.
    2. Shut off air pressure before making any adjustments to air-operated hand tools.
    3. Be sure that air-operated hand tools are held with a firm grip when air pressure is turned on.
    4. If compressed air is used for cleaning purposes it shall be reduced to less than 30 psi, then only with the proper personal protective equipment.
    5. No employee shall be permitted to enter a compressed air environment until they have been examined by a physician and show reports that they are physically qualified to engage in such work.
    6. Air, if improperly used, can cause serious injuries. Do not point the air nozzle in the direction of others.
    7. Do not use compressed air to clean clothing or blow dust or dirt out of the air.
    8. Pneumatic power tools shall be secured to the hose in a positive manner to prevent accidental disconnection.
    9. Safety clips or retainers shall be securely installed and maintained on pneumatic impact tools to prevent them from being accidentally expelled.
    10. The manufacturers’ safe operating pressure for all fittings shall not be exceeded.