1.  Policy
    1.  The purpose of this policy is to assure that the employees of ESCO Group are given the proper attire to help protect against arc flash burns. Arc Rated (AR) clothing will be provided to each individual working on job sites. Note – Arc flash clothing is strictly for arc flash protection, not shock protection. Common sizes of AR clothing will be stocked at ESCO Group. Clothing will be issued the first day of employment for ESCO Electric regular new hires. Some additional time may be needed for uncommon sizes. ESCO Electric short call employees will be required to wear the arc flash coveralls when needed and will not be issued any company clothing. ESCO Automation employees will be issued (1) one pair of at a minimum 8 cal/cm² arc resistant coveralls.
    2.  Any employees who are laid off, terminated or leave our employment, shall return their “Arc Rated Clothing” to our main office at 3450 3rd St. Marion, IA. (319-377-6655) or IBEW Local 405 1211 Wiley Blvd S.W. Cedar Rapids, IA. (319-396-8241) within two weeks after their last day of employment.
    3.  Out of town (not in L.U. 405 jurisdiction) employees are required to make arrangements to drop their laundered clothing off to the job site or their local union hall their last day of employment. Shipping arrangements can be made with coordination assistance from the ESCO Group Safety Department.
    4.  Union Employees: If the “Arc Rated Clothing” is not returned within two weeks, a grievance will be filed against the individual per section 1.06 of the Local Union #405 Agreement and removed once all clothing is returned or paid for. The cost of the clothing will be the full cost of item per current market value.
    5. Additional clothing is available to be purchased by the employee if they wish to do so. The employee is responsible for wearing the proper clothing for the assigned task.
  2. Policy Guidelines
    1.  Employees will be issued:
      1. 7 pairs of AR pants
      2. 7 AR long sleeved shirts (button up or long sleeve T-shirt)
      3. Inventory of the employees clothing will be kept by the Safety Department and the clothing lease provider
    2. Employees may be issued additional items below based on project site requirements (only for sites that require):
      1. 1 AR coat
      2. 1 AR pair of winter lined bibs or coveralls
      3. Inventory of the employees clothing will be kept by the Safety Department and the clothing lease provider
    3. Clothing Options:
      1. Pants
        1.  Tan dungaree pants
        2. Blue jean utilities
      2. Shirts
        1.  Light blue long sleeve button up shirts
        2. Navy blue long sleeve button up shirts
        3. Navy blue long sleeve T-shirts
    4. Inspection, Replacement, Duration and Exchange of clothes:
      1. Employees shall inspect clothing prior to every shift for damage (holes, imbedded materials, and excessive wear).
      2. Damaged clothing must be taken out of service immediately and reported to the supervisor.
      3. Damaged items will be replaced or repaired by lease providing company to assure proper materials and practices.
      4. Employee must exchange worn out clothes for new clothing. New clothing will not be issued without receipt of garment to be replaced.
      5. Clothing will be replaced at intervals of 32 months.
    5. Washing and Care Instructions
      1. Machine wash without the use of bleach or fabric softener.
      2. Air dry or low heat dry without the use of fabric softener.
    6. Enforcement:
      1. Field employees are required to wear arc rated clothing each workday.
      2. Employees not wearing arc rated clothing will be issued a warning report and sent home without pay. Employees may return to work once they have donned the appropriate arc resistant clothing.
    7. Arc Rated Shirt Reprieve :
      1. ESCO issues arc rated clothing to help protect employees from arc flash hazards that exist in the workplace. In addition to arc flash protection, the clothing can help employees to stay warm in cooler environments; however, it can sometimes pose as a heat stress hazard in warmer environments. ESCO has implemented an arc rated shirt reprieve to help prevent heat related hazards. The reprieve is allowed when the temperature meets or exceeds 80°F if all the following conditions are met.
        1. There is no exposure to exposed energized conductors.
        2. The employee is not within the arc flash boundary.
        3. ESCO Supervision determines there is a need.
        4. Customer site rules allow non-arc-rated clothing.
      2. Arc rated shirt reprieve expectations:
        1. Employees are required to wear their full uniform to work daily. Once they are assigned a task where no arc flash hazards are present, they can remove their arc rated shirt and wear a 100% cotton t-shirt.
        2. Employees must wear the appropriate level of arc flash protection regardless of reprieve when within the arc flash approach boundary for energized systems.
        3. All employees that have been issued arc rated jeans/pants are required to wear them every day.
        4. We will follow our customer’s policies if they request us to wear the arc rated shirts 100% of the time.

Clothing Policy Acknowledgement Sheet

ESCO Group Replacement Arc Flash Clothing Order Form