1.  Introduction
    1.  Our Company recognizes that the employees are our most valuable asset, and the most important contributors to our continued growth and success. Our Company is firmly committed to the safety of our employees. The ESCO Group will do everything possible to prevent workplace accidents and is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees. To further this goal, ESCO Group has revised this policy effective 1/1/09.
  2. Purpose
    1. To maintain a safe and productive workplace, we have implemented this workplace policy. To provide barricades or signs systematically and reliably at all appropriate construction locations throughout the project. All signs and barricades shall meet the OSHA Standard Subpart G 1926.200 and ANSI 35.1 and Z35.
    2. Definition
      1.  Barricade – means an obstruction to deter the passage of persons or vehicles.
      2. Signs – are the warnings of hazard, temporarily or permanently affixed or placed at locations where hazards exist.
      3.  Red Barricade (DANGER) – shall only be used where an immediate hazard exists.
      4. Yellow Barricade (CAUTION) – shall be used only to warn against potential hazards.
  3.  Procedures
    1.  Each Contractor Supervisor is responsible for erecting barricades and signs sufficient to warn others of the hazards in the work area. Barricades need a legible tag to identify the reason for the barricade, where PPE is required, what company, who is responsible for barricade and a date the tag/barricade was installed.
    2. All employees must obey warning signs, instructions and barricades.
    3. All signs, tags and barricades shall be legible, visible and posted when work is in progress and there is a hazard or a potential for a hazard to exist.
    4.  Red barricades will be utilized when the work area contains hazards that could be of imminent danger. Examples could be a fall hazard, high voltage, open hole or a falling object hazard. Only the contractor personnel performing the work may enter a red barricade area, unless authorization has been granted for the person to enter.
    5.  Yellow barricades will be used when construction work is in progress. Entry should not be permitted in this area unless a person has a specific function or task to perform. Anyone entering a yellow barricade area must have the proper PPE to enter, i.e. hardhat, safety glasses and ANSI approved safety footwear. There may additional PPE required to enter also.
    6.  When no work is in progress within a barricaded area and a hazard no longer exists, remove the barricade.
    7. Additional signs may be needed in other areas of the work site to warn against additional hazards or information. Signs should be posted and visible when work is being performed that constitutes a hazard or potential hazards. All signs must be removed promptly when the hazard no longer exist.
    8.  All signs must comply with the color code and specification requirements listed in appropriate governmental regulations OSHA Subpart G 1926.200 and ANSI Z35.1 and Z35.2.
    9. Personnel may be used in lieu of barricades so long as they are trained on these procedures and wear the proper Class II high visibility apparel.
    10. If the customer has more stringent rule we will comply with their rules.

Caution and Danger Tags