1. General Requirements
    1. All core drilling shall be approved by the owner of the facility and the ESCO project supervisor.
    2.  Prior to drilling all surfaces to be drilled into shall have an inspection done to confirm what is in the concrete and on the other side. Drilling into pre-stressed concrete requires further inspection, including up to x-ray procedures.
    3.  All core drilling equipment (core drill, stand, water tank, fittings, bits, anchor points) shall be inspected prior to each use.
    4.  All overhead or wall mounted core drilling shall have a secondary safety catch system in addition to the factory anchor mounts in place prior to drill operation. Methods to achieve this can be:
      1. An anchor chain attached to the structure and core drill.
      2.  Bolt a piece of all-thread through the center of the core drill with large washers to the other side of the structure being drilled into.
      3.  Lifting sling or strap attached to the frame of the core drill to the structure.
    5.  Core slug management:
      1.  All core slug fall zones shall be DANGER taped off to prevent personnel from entering the zone. There shall be a minimum of a 10ft safety radius built around the core slug fall zone.
      2.  Core slugs are not permitted to be dropped onto equipment.
      3.  Core slugs are not permitted to fall more than 6ft to the catch basin under any circumstance.
      4.  Core slug catch basins shall be made of adequate material to catch the slug based on diameter and depth.
      5.  Employees are not allowed to blindly catch core slugs with a catch basin.
    6.  Holes left from core drilling shall be covered and marked with the word “Hole”. The hole cover shall be secured to prevent displacement. Covering materials shall be able to withstand twice the maximum intended load.
    7.  Water control measures shall be in place when using wet-type core drills.
      1. Water shall not contact unprotected equipment below.
      2.  Vacuums used to collect water shall be wet-type vacuum and shall immediately emptied after each use.
      3.  Leaking fittings shall be replaced promptly.
    8.  Dry core drilling shall have dust control measures compliant with the ESCO Group Crystalline Silica policy in place prior to commencement.
    9.  Dust of any kind, including concrete dust and particles shall not be permitted to fall into process or product areas.
    10.  Hands, clothing and equipment shall be kept away from an operating core drill due to the possibility of entanglement.