1.  General Requirements
    1. The employer shall comply with the manufacturer’s specifications and limitations.
    2. Rated load capacities, recommended operating speeds and special hazard warning or instructions shall be posted on all equipment and be visible from the operator’s station.
    3. Equipment shall be inspected before each use and all deficiencies corrected before further use.
    4. Accessible areas within the swing radius of the revolving superstructure shall be barricaded.
    5. Except where electrical distribution and transmission lines have been de-energized, and visibly grounded at point of work, or where insulating barriers not a part of or an attachment to the equipment or machinery have been erected to prevent physical contact with the lines; no part of a crane or its’ load shall be operated within 10 feet of a line rated 50kV, or below, 10 feet + 0.4 inches for each 1 kV over 50 kV for lines rated over 50kV, or twice the length of the line insulator, but never less than 10 feet.
    6. When a crane is being used on a job, someone familiar with proper crane hand signals will be used.

Standard Hand Signals For Crane Operation