1. Conduct themselves in a manner to ensure:
      1. Their safety and wellbeing.
      2.  Safety and wellbeing for coworkers.
      3.  Protection of the public.
      4.  Protection of company, public and private property.
    2.  Employee health and wellbeing are important to ESCO Group. Follow all safety rules and regulations.
    3. All employees have the right to enact the “Stop Work” program for any: unsafe acts, conditions or unclear work instructions.
    4.  Shirts with sleeves and long pants shall be worn.
    5.  Wear clothing suitable for weather and work.
    6.  Baggy or torn clothing that could become caught in machinery shall not be worn.
    7. Rings and jewelry that could be caught in moving machinery or equipment shall not be worn.
    8.  Employees shall maintain a clean work area free of trip hazards and debris.
    9. Report all unsafe acts or conditions to supervision.
    10.  Attend ALL Safety meetings and take an active part in the Safety Program.
    11. Know and understand the ESCO Group safety rules which apply to the work you are performing.
    12. Properly use all safety devices and equipment, i.e. do not bypass safety mechanisms.
    13.  You are a representative of the company and your words and actions should create only a favorable opinion of the company.
    14.  Social media use on the job site and regarding the job site is strictly prohibited.
    15.  Photographs on the job site are not allowed unless written permission is given by ESCO Group and the client.
    16.  All injuries, no matter severity, shall be immediately reported to supervision.