1.  Purpose
    1. The purpose of this program is to manage employee fatigue to prevent injury or illness related to human error caused by exhaustion.
  2. Requirements
    1.  Employees shall be informed/trained on the requirements of this program.
    2. Supervisors are required to monitor workload, working hours and working conditions to adhere to this program. This will include monitoring direct report employees for fatigue and exhaustion.
    3. No employee’s work shift shall extend over 16 hours without prior management approval. This shall include transportation time, i.e. driving to and from the project location.
      1. The 16 hour rule applies to one shift and shall be followed by no less than two days of shifts less than or equal to 12 hours.
      2. Employees traveling back and forth daily for projects in excess of 90 minutes shall have optional company paid lodging offered to them by management if they are commuting more than 4 consecutive shifts.
    4. No employee shall be required to work more than 14 consecutive days without prior management approval.
    5. Employee’s workstations shall be ergonomically inspected (hazard assessment) for the use of the proper: lighting, anti-fatigue mats, assisted lifting devices, climate control and desk/computer station configuration.
    6. Supervision shall inspect the work practices and workstations of all individuals to confirm the proper fatigue management protocol is being followed.
    7. Employees are permitted to take rest breaks as needed if work is excessive (strenuous or in excessive heat). Employees are required to take a 15 minute rest break for every 4 hours of their shift, i.e. two per 8 hour shift and a minimum 30 minute dinner rest break is required per 8 hour shift.
    8. Employees shall immediately notify their supervision if fatigue or exhaustion are impeding their work ability or posing a safety hazard.
    9. Employees shall not consume substances (prescription/over-the-counter) or other products that impair their mental and physical alertness before or during work shift.