1. Duties
    1.  Be responsible for the safety of the employees under his or her supervision.
    2.  Plan work in such a manner as to eliminate hazards and complete the Hazard Identification and Control Measure method outlined with our Risk Assessment procedures outlined on ESCO Group’s Job Briefing process and the steps below:
      1. Conduct a thorough walk-through of all tasks with forepersons and crew members alike to determine hazards and implement control measures. All shall contribute to this assessment.
      2. All tasks shall be assessed for hazards and documented on the ESCO Group Job Briefing.
      3. Superintendent or foreperson shall conduct and complete job briefing for the hazard assessment and mitigation plan.
      4. Superintendent or foreperson shall include all other affected trades or client personnel in hazard assessment and mitigation plan.
    3.  Obtain location of all underground utilities prior to breaking any ground on any project. Call the ESCO Group Safety Director so he can call Iowa One Call at 1-800-292-8989 or 811 for such information.
    4.  Investigate hazardous work with foreman and, after such discussion, outline a method to do the work in the safest manner possible.
    5.  See that immediate medical attention is given to anyone who is injured.
    6.  Immediately report all accidents to the Safety Director and investigate and make full written reports on all accidents within 24 hours.
    7.  See that all equipment is in safe working condition, and necessary repairs are made before equipment is put back into operation.
    8.  Utilize ESCO Group Safe Work Plan for larger projects or shutdowns. The tool is a quick reminder sheet not to slow you down, but to raise questions to prevent an item being missed or from becoming an issue later. The Safe Work Plan is located in Appendix 15.
    9.  Upon project commencement, indoctrinate each employee as to the scope of the safety program. Each worker will be charged with the responsibility of acting within the framework of our safety program, and individuals violating safety rules may be dismissed.