1. Purpose
    1. The purpose of this program is to make employees aware of the requirements to be physically and mentally fit for duty.
  2. Employee Expectations and Requirements
    1.  Employees shall be physically able to perform assigned job functions. All employees shall be able to at a minimum complete tasks listed on the corresponding job description, including weight lifting and frequency capacities.
    2. All employees are subject to the pre-employment drug and alcohol screening process, employment is contingent on successfully completing the screening process.
    3. All eligible (safety-sensitive) employees will be subject to a random screening process for the substance programs.
    4. An employee will be required to submit to a urinalysis or blood test if he or she is involved in an incident when a personal injury occurs requiring the injured person to report to a medical facility and receive treatment. A property damage incident in excess of $1,000 will also require the person to submit to a post-accident test. If an individual is involved in an incident that does not require medical treatment or a property damage incident less than $1,000, the customer may request that the individual submits to a post-accident test.
    5. All employees shall report to their direct supervisor the use of prescription or over-the-counter medication that could impair their ability to perform their job or operate equipment in a safe manner.
    6. Supervisors and members of the safety department shall monitor employee work practices, activities, and behaviors to determine if actions warrant removal from the site due to posing a safety hazard.
    7. Employees shall notify direct supervision if they are fatigued to the point of not being able to perform their duties or a particular task safely