1.  General Requirements
    1. Be responsible for the safety of the workers under their supervision.
    2. Believe in safety, and transmit this belief to their employees.
    3. Be responsible for the training and instruction of new employees, temporary and other employees transferred to their supervision.
    4. Instruct all employees on the reporting of accidents and prompt seeking of First Aid and/or medical attention.
    5. Fully understand and comply with company safety rules. They shall ensure that the workers under their supervision understand the Safety Rules.
    6. Be responsible for the proper use of equipment and safety devices by employees under their supervision.
    7. Be responsible for the regular inspection of all tools and equipment, including the personal tools of workers under their supervision.
    8. Make certain that no work is assigned to an individual unqualified or unable to do the work safely.
    9. Be responsible for work and equipment being in a safe condition at the end of the day so that no hazard exists to the general public.
    10. Acquaint themselves with principles of First Aid and CPR.
    11. Conduct weekly safety meetings and promptly turn in reports.