1. General Requirements
    1. Every project shall comply with all safety regulations required by any state and federal agency under which such project may be accountable.
    2. Company project leaders (the persons in charge on the job site) are assigned the additional duties of Safety Engineer and, as such, are required to inspect and ensure compliance with the Safety Program. At least one trip a day should be for a safety inspection. Corrective action, where indicated, shall be taken immediately. The job supervisor is hereby assigned the responsibility of coordinating his job program with the overall Company program. He/she must maintain safe practices and conditions throughout the job, and coordinate his/her efforts with those of the job foreman. The company expects this person (or applicable title) to recognize his/her responsibility for the prevention of accidents. This refers not only to injury-producing accidents but to all other areas as well.
    3.  All personnel of the Company, its’ subcontractors, employees, vendors and visitors will comply with the hardhat rule on each and every job without exception. Each subcontractor will be responsible for his/her crew being equipped with all protective and safety devices necessary to perform work in a safe manner.
    4.  Weekly “toolbox” meetings will be held on each jobsite to keep workers safety conscious and provide an opportunity to offer comments and suggestions.
    5.  When an accident or near accident occurs, a meeting with the crew shall be held as soon as possible to discuss the causes of the accident, and how to prevent a recurrence.
    6. A complete investigation of every accident producing damage or injury shall be conducted and a report filed immediately with the safety director.
    7.  Each employee must observe and control each operation with safety in mind. Whenever an unsafe act by any member of the crew is noticed, correct the individual, whoever it may be, immediately. Point out to the person what it was that he or she was doing unsafely, and demonstrate (if necessary) the correct method of operation. Help develop safe work habits.
    8.  All injuries, regardless of how minor they may be, must be immediately reported to your foreman.
    9. When followed conscientiously, the above rules will make all Company employees more safety conscious and aid in eliminating accidents on the job.
    10.  This company recognizes that our success comes through the efforts of our employees and that we have a definite responsibility for their safety and wellbeing.
    11. It is and will continue to be, the policy of this Company to take all practical steps to maintain and support a safety program, which provides safe working conditions for all employees and safeguards the lives and properties of the general public.
    12.  We believe that safety, accident prevention, and efficient production go hand in hand.
    13.  We believe that a good safety record is clear evidence of good management.
    14.  We believe that top management, through the Safety Director, has major responsibility for establishing definite safety policies, procedures, and safe working conditions.