1.  General Requirements
    1.  All tool boxes, trailers and temporary sheds shall be securely locked when leaving a job site at quitting time.
    2. All tools shall be placed in a locked storage compartment. If you have been operating equipment that cannot be placed in a locked equipment compartment, de-energize it and secure it safely until the next day’s work assignment.
    3. Wherever possible, ladders, scaffolds, or any other attractive nuisances shall be left in a condition of security to minimize the probability of unauthorized use by persons other than employees that could cause possible injury.
    4. All equipment required for burning and welding shall be shut down, all regulators removed and securely locked. Caps shall be put on cylinders, which must be stored in an upright position.
    5. The local police phone number shall be within sight of all job phones.
    6. In a case where tools or equipment are stolen or vandalized, the police shall be called and a written report made. All company employees will, at all times, cooperate with the local authorities.
    7. Immediately after a trailer is set up on a job site, the local police shall be notified. ESCO Group’s shop will be responsible for asking the local authorities to patrol the area on a regular basis.
    8. A nightlight may be turned on at job trailers. External illumination will be provided at the Contractor’s discretion.