1. Purpose
    1.  The purpose of the Lightning Policy program is to ensure the safety of ESCO Group employees who are exposed to inclement weather containing lightning or weather that has the potential to contain lightning.
  2. Indoors
    1.  Employees working indoors during inclement weather containing lightning should make sure their building meets the following criteria:
      1. The building is completely enclosed.
      2. The building is grounded properly.
      3. Lightning protection should be designed, specified and installed in accordance with generally accepted industry guidelines.
  3. Outdoors
    1.  Employees working outdoors during inclement weather containing lightning shall do the following:
      1. Seek immediate shelter if lightning has been spotted within 10 miles or you have heard thunder in your current location.
    2. Shelters include completely enclosed buildings that are properly grounded as well as completely enclosed vehicles.
      1. If appropriate shelter is not readily available, examples of safe shelter sites are:
        1. Substantial buildings.
        2. Low ground – seek cover in clumps of bushes if possible.
        3. Trees of uniform height (do not seek shelter by lone tree).
    3. The following are unsafe areas to seek shelter:
      1. Electric/power poles.
      2. Electrical equipment.
      3. Heavy and road machinery.
      4. Solitary trees.
      5. High ground and caves.
      6. Water.
      7. Open fields.
      8. All outdoor metal objects, like gates and fences.
      9. High mast light poles.
  4. Elevated Work
    1. Employees working out of any of the following: ladders, scissor lifts, aerial/boom lifts, bucket trucks, scaffolding, crane baskets, or any elevated work on metal platforms, shall not be permitted to work if there is lightning within 15 miles of their location. Employees shall stop work immediately and safely proceed to the appropriate shelter.

*Work shall not be permitted for 30 minutes after the last recorded lightning strike or sound of thunder*