1. Purpose
    1. Our “Mini-Excavator” has been established in accordance with OSHA 1926.602 in order to establish operator certification, to establish safe operating procedures, and to establish minimum maintenance practices.
  2. Scope
    1. This program applies to all employees having responsibility for operating or maintaining Mini Excavators.
  3. Responsibilities
    1.  The ESCO Group Safety Director is the administrator of our Mini Excavator program.
      1. The administrator’s responsibilities will include:
        1. Ensuring that this program is implemented at their facility.
        2. Ensure that only trained and authorized employees are permitted to operate Mini Excavators.
        3. Ensure that operators who have completed the training be evaluated while they operate the Mini Excavator in the workplace.
        4. Ensure operators are re-certified every three years, or in the event of an accident, near miss, unsafe use of Mini Excavator, or any change in the workplace or equipment that affect the operation of the Mini Excavator.
        5. Ensure that an operator’s manual for the Mini Excavator is available on the Mini excavator.
        6. Ensure that all Mini Excavators are operated and maintained in accordance with this program.
        7. Ensure that daily inspection, using an inspection checklist are performed and recorded.
        8. Ensuring that any defect affecting the safety of the Mini Excavator is corrected before the truck is returned to service.
        9. Ensure that this program is maintained to current applicable regulations and/or laws.
        10. Ensure that the Mini Excavator instructor maintains his/her qualifications to be a qualified instructor.
        11. Ensure employees are wearing proper PPE while operating: Hardhat, Safety Glasses, and Earplugs.
      2. Operator Responsibilities will include:
        1. Adhering to all policies and procedures outlined in the program.
        2. Follow all operating manual practices and procedures when operating Mini Excavators.
        3. Being familiar with the information contained in the Mini Excavator.
        4. Conduct daily inspections and recording the daily inspection on the inspection checklist.
        5. Immediately report any defect that adversely affects the safety of the
        6. Mini Excavator to the supervisor or plan administrator.
  4. Training
    1.  Only trained and authorized operators are permitted to operate a Mini Excavator. Training will at a minimum, include:
      1. Classroom Training
        1. A review of our written Mini Excavator program and operator’s manual for the Mini Excavator. This will include all applicable warnings and precautions for the type of Mini Excavator to be operated.
        2. Safe operating maintenance practices and procedures.
        3. Daily inspection procedures/reporting requirements.
        4. Characteristics and specifications of the individual Mini Excavators to be operated by the employee, including truck controls and instrument procedures and controls.
        5. General and specific hazards of the workplace.
        6. Fueling/battery changing and charging procedures.
      2. Written Test (Page 3)
      3. Operator’s Skills Test (Page 5)
        1. Truck operations
        2. Traveling skills
        3. Loading procedures
        4. Mini Excavator inspection
        5. Refueling
      4. Refresher Training
        1. Training of the operators of Mini Excavators will be repeated every three years or in the event of an accident, near miss, unsafe operation, or change in workplace conditions.