Periodically a representative from OSHA will make a visit to our jobsite. The following is information on preparation and procedures before and during the inspection.

  1. Preparation for Inspection
    1. In past years, OSHA has used the 300 Form as the basis for the inspection. In other words, if the statistics were favorable, only a minor investigation was performed. Unfortunately, the emphasis of OSHA has changed to reflect increased “fault-finding” and heavy fines. The following preparation should be utilized.
  2.  Safety Director
    1. Must be notified before an OSHA inspector is allowed to enter a jobsite.
  3. OSHA 300 Form
    1.  Make certain the OSHA 300 Form is properly posted and up to date.
  4. Workers Compensation First Report of Injury Form
    1. Make certain all workers compensation first report forms are properly maintained.
  5. Employee Records
    1. Verify that training certificates, etc., are kept with employee files. Any employee discipline notes should be maintained as evidence that rules are enforced.
  6. Accident Investigation
    1. If a serious accident occurs, we should have written reports of the investigation and steps taken to make sure that it would not happen again.
  7. Safety Manual
    1. Make sure that the manual is on the jobsite and that all employees are familiar with our program.
  8. OSHA Inspection
    1. Obtain the inspector’s name from his/her credentials and record it.
    2. Note every request or statement made by the inspector such as “Inspector requested to review OSHA forms,” “Inspector asked to talk privately with Joe Smith,” “Inspector commented about area without a guardrail,” etc.
    3. Note any equipment used by the inspector and where it was used. Be specific – “Inspector took a picture of a ladder on the north wall” or “Inspector plugged in a circuit tester in an electrical outlet in the first-floor hallway.”
    4. Be cooperative, but limit information to only what is requested by the inspector. Remember, anything you say could be used against you in a hearing.
    5. Complete our OSHA Inspection report in detail. Start taking notes when the inspector arrives and end only when the inspection is completed.

ESCO Group’s OSHA Inspection Report