Employees are provided Stop Work Authority training before the initial assignment. The training will then be documented including the employee name, the dates of training, and the subject.

Stop Work is the authority and obligation to suspend work when health, safety, and environmental risks are not understood or have not been clearly established. It is every employee’s right and responsibility to have the authority to stop work and correct an unsafe situation.

Every ESCO Group employee has the authority and responsibility to stop work that poses a threat of imminent danger. There is no task or work function that is more important or so urgent that the health and safety of an individual or the environment shall be compromised. ESCO Group employees have the right and responsibility to not perform a task that they feel is a risk to themselves, coworkers, customers, the environment, or the general public. The employee will not be reprimanded for issuing a Stop Work Intervention.

The Stop Work Program involves a stop, notify, correct and resume approach.  It is a form of intervention and is one of the most important safety tools on the Jobsite. All employees of ESCO Group are given the authority to stop work when an imminently dangerous situation is identified.  The employee should initiate the stop work in a positive and coordinated manner through supervision or the safety department. No work can continue in the area of concern until the concern has been properly corrected or controlled.  Every stop work intervention will be documented. Remember, the stop-work program can be initiated for work that doesn’t involve ESCO employees. Please do your part and helping others stay safe and injury-free.

Steps of the Stop Work Program

  1. Identify the imminently dangerous situation, unsafe work action, or condition.
  2. STOP the situation or actions immediately; must be done in a positive manner.
  3. After stopping the individual(s) discuss the situation with all affected employees.
  4. If the situation can be corrected immediately, correct it and resume work.
  5. If the situation cannot be corrected immediately the supervisor must be contacted and a plan shall be put into place before work continues.

After ESCO Group’s Stop Work Program has been initiated, ESCO Group job site Supervision will make sure any immediate action for the Stop Work scenario has been taken place. ESCO Group Supervision’s role will be to make sure all employees affected by the Stop Work Program are safe and have appropriate paperwork completed and returned to ESCO Group’s Safety Department. Also, ESCO Group job site Supervision and the ESCO Group Safety Department will review and follow up on all needed actions or corrections from the Stop Work scenario. Any follow-ups from the Stop Work Program initiation will be handled accordingly.

Stop Work Authority Examples