Our subcontractors formally agree when they sign our subcontract agreement, to live up to the ESCO Group Safety Program.

Before commencement of work, a copy of the ESCO Group Safety Program will be made available upon request.

  1. Subcontractor Management Plan
    1. The ESCO Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors, and neighbors. Only those contractors who have demonstrated management leadership and systems resulting in excellent safety performance will be utilized.
    2.  Our subcontractors formally agree when they sign our subcontract agreement that they will live up to the ESCO Group Safety Program. A copy of the ESCO Group Safety program will be made available to the subcontractor.
    3. Subcontractors will be pre-qualified by reviewing their safety programs, safety training documents, and safety statistics. A site-specific safety plan shall be submitted and approved by the ESCO Group prior to the start of the project. A project kick-off meeting will be held before any construction starts on the project; the meeting is to review project requirements for safety and risk control. All necessary subcontractor representatives shall be present; Project Managers, Superintendents, Safety Director, or any other representatives that may be necessary shall attend the meeting.
  2. Requirements
    1.  Have a documented Environmental, Safety & Health program that meets governmental requirements applicable to their work. Documents will be provided to ESCO Group and reviewed by the Safety Department
    2. Have an OSHA/BLS Recordable Injury Frequency Rate equal to or less than the current national average for their industrial code.
    3. Have a Lost Workday Injury Frequency Rate equal to or less than the current national average for their industrial code.
    4. The previous 3 years of the OSHA 300A logs must be submitted to the ESCO Group.
    5. Have a Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 1.0 or less, must be provided on the Insurance Carrier’s letterhead. A copy of the previous 3 years must be submitted.
    6. Provide supporting Environmental, Safety & Health information as requested to verify the contractor’s ability to comply with applicable ESCO Group Health and Safety requirements.
    7. Agree to be subject to a random Compliance Audit.
    8. Subcontractors shall conduct routine safety inspections for employee safety performance and compliance with work rules set forth by the client and ESCO Group safety policy.
    9. Agree to and complete the OSHA Required Training. Records shall be made available to the ESCO Group, Customer/Site Owner, and/or government agencies upon request. Training records may be maintained electronically and/or in the job site office.
    10. Subcontractors must ensure that all incidents are reported to the ESCO Group immediately. A verbal report shall be followed up with a copy of a written incident report. Subcontractors may use their own report form or they may utilize the ESCO Group Incident report form. A copy of all incidents reported, including near misses, must be maintained on-site.
    11. Employees that perform work onsite will have successfully completed an “OSHA 10 hour Construction course”
    12. Subcontractors will be included in all job-related meetings (pre-job, project kick-off, project status, and progress and post-job safety performance review)
    13. All subcontractor employees must complete the job site safety orientation, participate in all job site safety meetings and complete the ESCO Group job briefings or their own document prior to the start of each day.
    14. Subcontractors must provide a written copy of their Substance Abuse Program and may be subject to substance abuse screening if the client requires.
    15. Subcontractors shall supply all of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to their employees as required.
    16. The use of ESCO Group-owned equipment is strictly prohibited unless written authorization is obtained in accordance to The ESCO Group “Equipment Rental Hold Harmless Agreement”. See pages 60-5 and 60-6 for agreement.
    17. If you have any questions about the ESCO Group’s Safety Program, contact the ESCO Group’s Safety Director.
    18. Agree that all subcontractors employed by the contractor will meet the requirements listed above.

ESCO Group’s Subcontractor and Equipment Forms