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The ESCO Enterprise Solutions team combines ESCO Group’s manufacturing expertise and today’s technology to bring the power of data and connectivity to manufacturing operations. Our experts assist you in each step of your digital transformation, from planning and readiness assessments to networking, programming, and deployment.

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From device level wiring to switching and routing, our Cisco and Panduit certified professionals can deliver your data where and when you need it. ESCO Group will design, install, and maintain your networks as needed. Not sure what you need? Schedule an assessment with us to learn how you can prepare you communications infrastructure for what lies ahead.

Need to transform your business? The ESCO Enterprise Solutions team will assess your manufacturing processes and provide you with a road map to help you understand how technology can transform the way you create value and provide you with the information you need to drive innovative business solutions.

ESCO Enterprise Solutions offers a wide variety of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions that are custom fit to your unique business needs. From inventory management to quality, performance, maintenance, and traceability, we use our agile work processes to get you the information you need in a context that will help you make decisions quickly and effectively. Coupled with ESCO’s complete portfolio of manufacturing solutions, we can transform your manufacturing operations from end-to-end.

Manufacturing operations create a lot of data. From ERP to Historians, MES to QMS, data is collected and stored, but often stays inside those systems with no ability to see them together in a way that drives decision-making. ESCO’s Enterprise Solutions team can connect those diverse data systems to exchange the information you need from the shop floor to the top floor.

All of the data in the world is useless if it cannot be delivered to decision-makers at the right time. Let our analysts help you design and deliver valuable reports and analytics with the right information at the right time.

Are you worried about cybersecurity in your manufacturing operations? ESCO Enterprise Solutions will assess your vulnerabilities and assist you in mitigating them. We can provide you with regular or ongoing real-time assessment of your cyber risk.