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ESCO provides our clients with the right project solutions. We have a deep engineering bench with the proven ability to solve simple and complex challenges efficiently and appropriately. Whether our clients need help with front end engineering, design build, or innovating for differentiation, we have the ability and experience to drive project success.

What Others Are Saying

ESCO’s Electrical Construction group is a full service group that can handle any maintenance or project related needs in this field. Specializing in industrial and commercial areas, we work with a wide spectrum of voltages from fiber optics and low voltage data / communications all the way up to 69,000 volt work. Our site maintenance service programs are second to none and we would be happy to discuss our offerings with you. With engineering services in house, we can provide a turn key solution for any electrical need.

Fire Protection Equipment Services are essential for ensuring the reliability, compliance, and overall effectiveness of fire safety measures within a business. Regular maintenance is a proactive approach to safeguarding both people and property. From design through implementation until the end of their working life, our systems are tailored to our client’s specific needs. We offer an extensive range of fire protection and fire prevention products to help you get your business up to fire code regulations. From fire extinguishers to sprinkler systems to alarm systems, we’ve got you covered.

ESCO’s Advanced Manufacturing Solutions is a multi-faceted custom manufacturing shop. Our production capabilities include the construction of Industrial Control Panels, process equipment, as well as machine design and assembly. We can work with customer’s designs or provide design-build projects as needed. 3D modeling, UL508a control panel certification, in-shop functional testing and documentation, and crating for export are some of the value added services we can offer to provide a turnkey solution. Industrial Control Panel projects range from small wall mounted enclosures to large multi door floor mounted enclosures. Typical machine assembly projects include material handling, multi axis control, imaging, and counting applications. Look to ESCO when you need a flexible, quality, and experienced partner to help with your next machine assembly or control panel project.

ESCO’s Network group can provide design, documentation , installation, and testing services for your needs. We specialize in fiber optics and copper data cabling.

ESCO provides Front-End Engineering and Design for your project needs. We will partner with you to understand your business goals, evaluate your current state, and develop a plan to move forward. Your project will come to life as we discover, design, and engineer around your needs.

ESCO automates your plant, leveraging decades of experience to move you into the future. Our top-tier automation service will tackle any technology toward reaching your desired outcome. We believe in eliminating mundane work to free up your human capital to tackle more challenging tasks.

ESCO’s design team specializes in the design of control systems panels and meeting your layout requirements and standards. Utilizing 3D design software, ESCO has the capability of showing what a final product will look like as well as identify any potential interferences for a total project solution.