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ESCO has the expertise to assist our clients with many safety topics including: training of electrical hazards, electrical and automation code compliance for equipment, OSHA safeguarding and employee compliance, and employee practices such as Lock Out Tag Out and process compliance. ESCO can also assist with recommended maintenance plans and implementation. The most important thing to ESCO is safety in the workplace for everyone. Safety is our concern.

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Your Safety Is Our Concern

Arc Flash Services

ESCO’s Arc Flash team works to ensure your facilities are safe both by meeting current standards as well as providing solutions to items that fall outside of code and engineering practices. Our reports include issues that may exist in labeling, NEC violations, short circuit compliance inadequacies, and breaker setting changes to reduce hazards.

IR Services

ESCO has in-house Infrared scanning equipment and certified operators. We have created facility equipment routes and provided solutions to items that get identified during a study. We have created a total program approach and we can assist in identifying which items are the correct fit for you.

Hazard Control and Monitoring

ESCO services can be one of your partners for a one-stop-shop with our expertise in hazard controls and monitoring system fields for explosion suppression systems such as Fike, BS&B, Fenwall, Fire Eye, and others. We also are designers, suppliers, installers, and perform troubleshooting services on monitoring systems such as Rolfes, CMC and Moore Industries, as well as others. ESCO can also be your solution provider when it comes to SIS systems to keep people and equipment out of harm’s way.

Safety Assessment

ESCO can assist in identifying facilities safety opportunities and provide solutions for the issue. Our assessments include evaluating OSHA compliance, NEC / electrical installation compliance, hazardous locations electrical equipment compliance, LOTO safety compliance, LOTO process creation, equipment life cycle status for automation and electrical equipment, grounding, Arc Flash compliance, and maintenance of electrical equipment compliance.

NFPA 70E Safety Training Course

ESCO’s electrical safety training program was developed in house to train our electricians to the latest NFPA 70E standard. We have expanded the program to include training our customers, and train industry to the same standards.  Over time, our mission has not changed and continues to be “to get everyone home safely each day.”

Our NFPA 70E training classes help fulfill training requirements associated with OSHA compliance and can also help to avoid OSHA fines. ESCO is represented on the NFPA 70E Technical Committee by Jason Wolf, our Safety Training Manager. This is what separates our material from the rest.  We not only understand what is in the standard, but why it is there.

Classes Offered

Our safety trainers will work with you to create a training program designed to meet your specific needs. Our training classes will implement specific topics from your electrical safety program, including job safety planning, arc flash labeling, and PPE.  These topics make each class unique and applicable to what is practiced at your facility. Training classes are held at your location and according to your schedule.

Awareness Level Training

Provides a basic awareness of electrical hazards, including electrical shock and arc flash. Upon completion, attendees will have a basic understanding of electrical safety concepts including: approach distances, arc flash labels, and GFCIs.

Awareness-level training is appropriate for employees that are not responsible for maintenance, including their supervisors and managers.

Qualified Level Training

Qualified Level Training is appropriate for electricians, maintenance staff, maintenance supervisors and managers, engineers, safety professionals, and those responsible for implementing an electrical safety program.

Hands on Training

Hands on Training provides a detailed overview of multimeter safety, job safety planning, and arc flash label interpretation. This interactive module is ideal if you want to know if your workers understand the basics of establishing an electrically safe working condition. Our Hands on Training can be included with our Qualified Level Training or used as a refresher training class.

Hands on Training is appropriate for electricians and maintenance staff who use multimeters and are expected to safely execute lockout / tagout procedures, or for maintenance supervisors and managers, engineers, and safety professionals who supervise these workers.

Lock Out Tag Out Training

Lock Out Tag Out Training will cover details of 29 CFR 1910.147 and ANSI/ASSE Z244.1 “The Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout, Tagout, and Alternative Methods.” Our Lock Out Tag Out Training includes elements from NFPA 70E Article 120 and how this article fits into your Lock Out Tag Out program.

NFPA 70E Standards for Electrical Safety

Conducted by Jason Wolf, ESCO’s Safety Training Manager.

November 5-6, 8:00am – 4:30pm in West Des Moines, IA.

ESCO Hosted Classes

ESCO offers scheduled NFPA 70E classes throughout the year at our Marion, IA office. The material covered in this training class is similar in content to our Qualified Level Training with Hands on Training included.

This class is appropriate for those who wish to see what ESCO training has to offer, new employees, or make up training.

The class schedule is as follows:

  • Friday, January 19, 2024
  • Friday, April 5, 2024
  • Friday, May 17, 2024
  • Friday, July 26, 2024
  • Friday, September 27, 2024
  • Friday, November 15, 2024

ESCO Continuing Education Classes


Starting in 2019, ESCO will be holding NFPA 70E OSHA Electrical Safety training classes at our Marion office. The 4-hr class is intended for licensed electricians seeking continuing education credit in the state of Iowa.  Our class is approved through the Iowa Department of Public Safety and our instructors are authorized to give 4 non-code CEU hours.

This 4-hr class will cover the fundamentals of NFPA 70E, including arc flash hazards, shock hazards, equipment labeling, approach boundaries, and PPE.

Continuing Education Classes will be held at ESCO’s Headquarters at:
3450 3RD Street, Marion, IA 52302

Classes are available upon request


The 2-hr interactive class will cover the fundamentals of multimeter safety. The digital multimeter is an important tool used in the electrical industry for diagnostics, testing, and troubleshooting. The class will explore the details on meter ratings, inspections, functionality checks, and multimeter limitations that users need to know.

The class is approved through the Iowa Department of Public Safety and our instructors are authorized to give two non-code CEU hours.

Classes are available upon request

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