Each ESCO Group office, shop and job site must post an evacuation site plan. All employees shall have a copy of this plan made available to them and receive annual training. Each evacuation site plan will have two evacuation points, Primary Assembly Point A and Assembly Point B. If the Primary Assembly Point is inaccessible due to the emergency, report to Assembly Point B.

  1.  General Requirements
    1.  In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of your work area employees shall use radio, phone or emergency alarm system to notify others of the emergency. Employees shall proceed to Assembly Point A that is outside the danger zone. Remain in a group with others until the supervisor/foreman does a head count to verify all the people are accounted for. Any persons missing will be reported immediately to the supervisor. If you have any information about an injured or missing employee, relay that to your supervisor.
    2. All employees shall receive training and are responsible for immediately reporting all emergencies (fire, medical, chemical spill, severe weather, natural disaster and any other threat) to their direct supervisor.
    3. Under no circumstances, do we re-enter a facility until we have been given the all clear from the emergency team, fire department, or department in charge of the evacuation.
    4. Employees may contact the ESCO Group Safety Director for further information regarding this emergency action plan.
    5. Tornadoes/Severe Weather – Tornadoes often occur without warning. If one is sighted, the civil defense sirens will be sounded. If a tornado is near, you will hear a loud roar. Follow these procedures:
      1. Trailers
        1. Evacuate the trailer – Lie flat in the closest ditch, ravine or culvert, cover you head with your hand and arms.
      2. In the field
        1. Lie flat in the closest ditch, ravine or culvert; cover your head with your hand and arms.
      3. In a vehicle
        1. Leave your vehicle – Lie flat in the closest ditch, ravine or culvert, cover your head with your hands and arms.
      4. In a sturdy building
        1. Stay in the building, move away from the windows. Crouch under heavy desks, benches, tables, equipment, etc. If the building has a basement, proceed calmly to the basement and crouch under sturdy desks, benches or tables until the passing of the tornado. All personnel will evacuate to the appropriate assembly point.

Emergency Evacuation Plan